1 Dog per Weekday Night = $35 (Each additional dog is $30. Up to 3 family members per kennel space.)
1 Dog per Weekend Night = $40

Boarding includes daycare Monday-Friday and 4 scheduled let outs, playtime or walks during the weekend.

We require a first night’s deposit to ensure your boarding reservation and a 48 hour cancellation notice or loss of deposit.

Requirements for Pawsawhile Boarding:

Each dog who boards with us must be daycare compatible and meet our temperament evaluation criteria prior to booking for boarding. Once your pet has passed a daycare temperament test, we’d like them to attend a full day of daycare 2-3 times prior to your vacation to assure your pet is comfortable with their surroundings before they stay the night.   

Up to date vaccine records including Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and a recent negative fecal are required and we also recommend an active flea & tick preventative.

Your veterinarian can email your pet’s records to Pawsawhile2019@gmail.com if you do not have them on hand.

To schedule your temperament test:

Please call 608-290-3444 to schedule a 30-minute temperament evaluation session with us.
($10 session fee, performed M-F 9am – 4pm).

What should we bring?

Pawsawhile will supply metal water and food bowls, along with a cot for each kennel. Feel free to bring your own bed and blankets but be advised that we are not able to wash large beds in our washer if soiled. We ask that you provide a harness or martingale collar for weekend or evening walks. Please advise us if walks should be substituted with something more fitting to your dog’s needs.

You may bring toys but they are not necessary as the daycare has many for those who share toys and we’d hate to have any go home damaged. Please bring your pet’s own food in a labelled bag or container. It would not be a bad idea to bring extra to compensate for an unexpected extended stay or to offer lunch during daycare days.

We ask that all medications be labelled and in a separate container to ensure that we can monitor and properly medicate your pet during their stay.

Treats are a fun way to reward your pet during their stay but we ask that you refrain from bringing raw hides or other bones that may break while unattended.

**Pawsawhile is not responsible for any damaged belongings while boarding. Please let us know if your pet cannot have bedding.**

Add Ons:

While your pet is staying with us, you can spoil them with a few additional perks to their day!
– Frozen Treat (Pupscream or Filled Kong)
– Brush & Massage
– Ear Cleaning

Arranging a Pickup Time outside of regular business hours?

Pawsawhile is not open to the public during the weekends. Boarding drop-off/pickup times will need to be scheduled before arrival and departure.