Hours of operation:  
M-F 6am to 6pm
**Pick ups after hours are subject to $5 late fee per 15 minute increment.**
Please, see daycare requirements here

Dogs do best at daycare when they come on regular days during the week. This allows your dog to make friends at daycare, and when they hang out with their regular group of friends each week (ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) they are more relaxed coming into group, know the routine well and leave feeling fulfilled. While we do allow non-regular daycare attendance, this may create a longer adjustment period to group or some anxiety. Think about your first day at school, it can be a bit nerve wracking coming into a room of new kids each time.
**Dogs that are infrequent visitors may be charged for a reevaluation ($10) to reintroduce your dog, at our discretion.**


7+ hours
  Single Visit  
  1 Dog $25.00 per day  
  2 Dogs $45.00 per day
(2 dogs/same home)
Save $5
  3 Dogs $65.00 per day
(3 dogs/same home)
Save $10
Less than 7 hours
  Single Visit PACKAGE RATE:
10 half-day visits (Save 10%)
  1 Dog $17.00 per visit $153.00
  2 Dogs $29.00 per visit
(2 dogs/same home)
Save $5
  3 Dogs $41.00 per visit
(3 dogs/same home)
Save $10